GSS Youth Volunteer Program


Hello GSS Young Folks,

This program means lot for our Gujarati Samaj of Sacramento.. GSS executive committee created this program specially for you.!!

What do you waiting for.. Just Do it!! for our future!! for our Samaj..



GSS Camping – A Historical Event

Dear GSS Members,

As You might know, GSS camping was organized from Friday July 31 to Sunday Aug 2nd at Peninsula camping ground, Grass Valley, CA.  This was first camping in our history of Samaj. Approximately 12 families have participated in this camping and everyone had an amazing and wonderful time. EC members and volunteers have prepared delicious and yummy food like Dabeli, Bhel, Vegetarian Burger, Tacos,  Hot Corn (Makai) Chevdo with Sev etc. It was very relaxing atmosphere especially having camp near by Rollins Lake and surrounded by big trees. Deer families visited our camp site many times. We guess they might have liked Indian aroma. Kids had fun watching them, playing various games, roasting marshmallows and making S’morse during camp fire. Everyone sang and danced on Bollywood music. The highlight of the camping was water activities. Kids have made small wooden boat from the tree branches and they did their own Bon Vovage ritual in the lake. Kids and adults soaked each other with water and all of them have enjoyed pedal boat ride and canoeing. The dates also coincided with International Watermelon day so we danced by holding water melons (see below pics) and ate them with chat masala. We have also celebrated Ruhi’s (Shachi’s daughter)  surprise birthday party. Overall, everyone had total blast. All families have decided to come again next year. After event pics were posted on FB, severals have already called us to find out about next year camping. 

We would like to thanks our organizers and EC members Nimal Vallabh (Lead), Vipul Safi, Shachi Thakkar,  Urvish Panchal and their spouses, all volunteers and participants for making this event successful and enjoyable. We have received following wonderful testimonials. Thank you Aditya, Nisarg and Hemang, Hasmukh uncle and families for your encouraging words.


1. ” This was our first experience with GSS Camp.The food items which were prepared on site by the GSS committee members and volunteers were delicious. It was fun trip. We have made a lot of new friends. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Thanks “

– Aditya and Karisha Shah. 

2. ” This was an awesome camping trip. First of all, it was a fantastic site so all families were close by and still had ample space for kids to play. Lake access was within a couple of minutes of walk and families have enjoyed kayaking, paddle boat and some intense fun water fights. Yummy food was served for Breakfast, lunch and dinner and other times. Hiking was great. Having deers joined our camping site was major highlight of the camping. A big thank you to all the organizers as this was one hack of a camping trip.”

-Nisarg-Disha Shah

3. “Sacramento Gujarati Samaj rocks.This was our first time socializing with GSS group. Our family had blast especially our kids. It was very well managed and executed by the committee members. Thank you. I plan to attend more events like this in the future and also to promote to others as well’

-Hemang, Shefali and kids. 

4. ” We are visiting from Mumbai, India to see our son and his family. We went camping with GSS. We thoroughly enjoyed the company of all, food was awesome and the serving attitude of all “

-Hasmukh and Rita Timbadia, Mumbai, India.  

To view GSS Camping pics album, Please click:

Enjoy the life in Gujju Style.. Proud to be Gujju!!



Holi – 2015 Pictures/Video

Here’s link of Holi/Dhuleti Pictures:

password: gssholi2015

Video clips: Please see enclosed attachments.

Pictures and videos shared by Jagruti Patel: (Must see Garba videos)

Member’s Voice for the Holi- Event

# 1  “ Hello Bhavin Bhai and GSS Committee,

Just wanted to let you know that Saturday’s GSS Holi celebration was wonderful event. This was one of the best Holi event that we have ever attended. Both myself and Sonal thoroughly enjoyed the festivity. This event was well organized and well executed by you all. This event was a great success judging from enthusiasm exhibited by all, children to seniors. Group pooja conducted and meaning of Holi and Pooja explained by our priest was a nice touch. Colors were great, food was tasty, and music was lively. Having perfect weather for this outdoor event was icing on the cake!

We appreciate dedication and hard work by GSS committee and all volunteers for making this Holi celebration very memorable event. Thanks again and looking forward to more successful events in days ahead. – Narendra Shah, GreenHaven/Pocket area, Sacramento 

# 2 “ Hello Dr. Bhavinbhai, President, GSS,

Very much delighted to write  this to convey my sincere thanks to you and your team for bringing the joy of Holi and Holika Dahan festival on 7th March 2015 in Mather regional Park. What a wonderful organized celebration !! A Holika Bonfire followed by spraying of washable colors and throwing buckets full of water on each other with joy, dance and music etc symbolizing victory of Good over Evil. The park turned into small town of Gujarat with variety of Guajarati food like Dhokla, Jalebi, Samosas and many more items which were brought in by our members. Holi is very important Hindu festival getting celebrated not only in India but also in  many other countries.  This year, GSS celebrated it again with more organized and better way.  It was indeed great gathering.  Congratulations and thanks to Bhavinbhai and his great team  which is backed by well wishers of  GSS families and friends. Your regular update and information in emails helps to raise  enthusiasm of members and encourage them to participate in various events.  I am glad that Bhavinbhai and his team members even danced and threw colors on each other which encouraged others to join the festivity immediately.  Thanks again for brining this joyous function and congratulations on your success. Great job. – Himanshu Modi Family, Natomas.”

 # 3  “ Thank you so much for organizing such wonderful Holi Celebration. It was so much fun and very well organized. Unfortunately, I had to leave early because of work but I’m glad that I was able to come out to enjoy festivity moments!! Thank you so much for putting it to gather for our community!! –Shobhna Dhanani, Rancho Cordova.”

# 4:  Hello Bhavinbhai, , Urvish and EC committee members:

This years HOLi celebrations were the BEST ever.  This was the first time we had so much fun at Holi. Thank you for all the pictures. However, if there are any other pictures form holi.. Please share for memories” . Tejasvi and Yatin Patel, West Roseville,CA